Wildrose Microinfusion Kit + Hydrate Serum

Wildrose Microinfusion Kit + Hydrate Serum

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1 Microinfusion Kit

1 Hydrate Serum


The microinfusion process has an immediate positive impact on the skin.


The reason it reacts so quickly is that the hollow needles are filled with a vitamin-rich concoction that is directly “stamped” into the skin. These micro-droplets are inserted in the shallow layer of the skin. This makes it work quicker and more effectively. Each client can make their own custom concoction with our serums and ampules, to target their own specific skin problems. This flexibility is great for anyone suffering from allergies or for those with very sensitive skin. 


The procedure itself only takes approximately 10-minutes.


Although it’s a strange feeling, it’s not a painful experience!

  • Why you will love  it

    We bring you natural, cruelty-free skincare and beauty products that provide results you can see and feel. We believe the best skin starts at home and we are here to help guide you to better-looking skin that you are happy with.

    The Wildrose Microinfusion kit comes with a sterile canister for you to fill and customize your own Microinfusion based on your skin's needs. This canister then attaches to a lid that is covered in .25mm sterile medical grade hollow needles which deliver products directly into the skin. 

    All of our formulas are created and tested in the USA, on real people — never on animals. We care about you and our environment therefore we package in glass and paper as often as possible, using recycled & recyclable plastic only when necessary. 

    Our products are responsibly sourced, never tested on animals