Radiesse Neck Rejuvenation

Radiesse Neck Rejuvenation

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Don't neglect the neck!


Turn back the clock with the long lasting effects of Dilute Radiesse collagen stimulation.


This deal includes two syringes of of Dilute Radiesse to fill in those necklace lines, and tighten up creapy skin. 


Things to know about Dilute Radiesse:


  • Results of collagen remodeling take time. With Dilute Radiesse, results are seen as early as 2 weeks but results typically peak at month 4 (four).

  • Stability is achieved at month 9 (nine), meaning the results you still see at month 9 is the new you! It is the long-term, persistent new collagen that you get to keep.

  • More than one treatment may be necessary to achieve optimal results. Two treatments are typical, though severe sun damage may require more.

  • A cannula is used during the treatment, and therefore, there is typically very little, if any bruising. Because it is being injected into a larger surface area, there is little to no swelling, either.


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